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Franchising as an Automobile for Economic Empowerment


The easiest definition for franchising is: “An approach of doing business wherein a franchiser licenses hallmarks, systems and also techniques of working to a franchisee in exchange for a recurring continuous consideration i.e. an aristocracy cost or a franchise business management fee”.

Franchising is a type of a business whereby the owner (franchiser) of an item, solution, or technique obtains circulation with associated dealerships (franchisees). A franchiser is anticipated to offer aid in organizing, training, merchandising, online, and offering direction in return for a factor to consider.

Franchising normally entails a legal setup in between a franchiser (a supplier, a wholesaler, or a solution sponsor) as well as a retail franchisee, which permits the franchisee to conduct a given form of company under an established name as well as basing on a provided design of business.


You do not really have the business; you own the properties you have actually acquired in order to set up the company. If you consider that you are in business for on your own, however not by yourself, after that INDEED … you are self used.


Around the world, franchising is one of the most prominent and also the fastest increasing company economic model. It assembles business connections that allow people to share brand identification, a proven technique of doing business and a successful advertising and marketing as well as circulation system. When many people think of a franchise, they think junk food. Franchising, however, long back expanded past the burger and fried-chicken shops. Today franchise principles cover over 70 different product and service industries, consisting of such businesses as auto-repair stores, children’s fine art centers, physical fitness clubs, regulation & consulting practices, and lots of home based companies. The franchising business model has actually turned into a significant financial engine internationally and also it is one that’s giving boosting chances for companies as well as individual business owners alike.

For South Africa, as well as for Africa as entire, franchising is an ideal motor vehicle for the economic empowerment of the historically disadvantaged sectors of the population. This brings with it the need for the facility of more franchise business. That is, franchising businesses that are developed, that has an one-of-a-kind offering and where the approach of working has actually been attempted, examined and perfected. Besides equipping firms as well as individuals, there ought to be a specific focus on determining labour extensive companies that have the prospective to make a significant and good impact on work development and also those companies that have a services or product providing for export markets with the best goal of thriving regional economies.


1. A financial investment is usually made right into a proven business.

2. A faster launch, establishing a customer base quicker, and also experiencing earnings quicker are essential amenities.

3. There is a known quantifiable proven formula.

4. Proprietor transition and training is readily available, and there is full control of strategic instructions and capacity to thoroughly assess previous documents as well as firm history.

5. The biggest advantage of franchising seems the decrease of danger you will certainly be taking for your financial investment.

6. You additionally typically feel better deals on materials due to the fact that the franchise business can buy items as well as products wholesale for the whole chain, then pass that financial savings on you and also the various other franchise business systems.

7. Consumers are taking care of a “recognized” rather than an “unidentified.”.


1. Some franchise business could be quite costly. Franchisers anticipate you to follow their operations handbooks to the t. No versatility on your part.

2. Buying a franchise is like marrying somebody you have not understood for long.

3. The loved one safety supplied by franchisers may be overemphasized. Some franchisers are in for a quick dollar.

4. Franchising as a pyramid system. Some companies attempt to earn money by simply collecting franchise costs, and won’t spend the moment or expense essential to help their existing franchisees be successful.

5. Overcharging for materials. Some franchisers may need you to purchase materials specifically from them at filled with air costs.

6. Charges for unneeded training.

7. Deceiving sales presentations. Some franchisers over-promise the moon in their pitches to prospective franchisees.


An appropriate initial step in the strategy to franchise is an assessment of the concern of whether or not a company principle is really “franchisable.” Any type of company seriously thinking about franchising must undertake this evaluation just before applying a franchise business strategy. While it is impossible to identify the franchisability of a company principle without a substantial amount of evaluation, most franchise business experts are guided by the adhering to requirements to examine the preparedness of a firm for franchising and the likelihood that it will attain success as a franchiser.

1. Reputation: To offer franchises, a business must initially be reliable in the eyes of its prospective franchisees. Big organisation size, number of electrical outlets, years in operation, strength of administration are key trustworthiness elements.

2. Differentiation: In addition to integrity, a franchise business organisation have to be adequately differentiated from its franchised competitors. This could come in the type of a set apart product or service, a minimized investment expense, an one-of-a-kind advertising and marketing strategy, or different target audience.

3. Transferability of expertise: The next standard is the capability to educate a system to others. To franchise business, a company has to normally have the ability to thoroughly inform a potential franchisee in a reasonably short time frame.

4. Adaptability: Following, gauge exactly how well an idea could be adapted from one market to the next. Some concepts do not adjust well over big geographical locations because of local variants in consumer tastes or inclinations.

5. Refined as well as effective model procedures: A refined prototype is required to show that the system is confirmed, and is usually crucial in the training of franchisees. The model also serves as a testing ground for brand-new items, new solutions, advertising and marketing techniques, retailing, and operational efficiencies.

6. Documented systems: All effective businesses have systems. Yet in order to be franchisable, these systems have to be documented in a way that interacts them properly to franchisees.

7. Cost: Cost merely shows a possible franchisee’s capability to pay for the franchise business concerned. This standard is as much a representation of the potential franchisee as it is of the actual cost of opening up a franchise business.

8. Roi: This is the real acid examination. A franchised company must, of course, be profitable. But more than that, a franchised company must allow adequate earnings after an aristocracy for the franchisees to earn a sufficient return on their financial investment of time as well as money.

9. Market trends as well as disorders: While not a sign of franchisability as long as basic indicators of the success of any kind of business; these styles are vital to long-lasting preparation. Is the market growing or combining? Just how will that influence your company in the future? What impact will the Net have? Will the franchisee’s products and services remain pertinent in the years in advance? Just what are other franchised and also non-franchised competitors doing? As well as exactly how will the affordable atmosphere affect your franchisee’s probability of long-term success.

10. Funding: While franchising is a low-priced methods of increasing a business, it is not a “no expense” means of expansion. A franchiser needs the funding and also resources to implement a franchise program. The resources called for to originally implement a franchise program will differ depending upon the extent of the development plan. If a business is aiming to market a couple of franchised units, the required legal documents might be finished at low costs. For franchisers targeting threatening development, nonetheless, start-up costs can bump into Hundreds of Thousands and also even more.

11. Dedication to partnerships: Effective franchisers concentrate on structure lasting relationships with their franchisees that are equally fulfilling. Sadly, not all franchise organizations recognize the hyperlink that exists in between partnerships as well as revenues. Solid franchisee partnerships make it possible for the franchiser to sell franchise business better, present required changes into the system much more effortlessly, and also inspire franchisees and their managers to offer a constant level of products and services to their customers.

12. Strength of management: Lastly, the solitary crucial aspect adding to the success of any type of franchise program is the strength of its management. Usually, brand-new franchisers will attempt to take everything on themselves. Along with soaking up a number of brand-new jobs for which the franchiser has little to no time at all, the franchiser needs to exhibit experience in areas in which she or he might have little or no experience: franchise business online, lead handling, franchise business sales, ad fund management, training, and also multi-unit operations administration.


With thousands of franchise business in over 70 different markets offered worldwide, finding the best franchise business could be like locating a needle in a haystack. Exactly how do you invest in the right franchise business?

1. Why?: First, you have to ask on your own specific inquiries and also be very unbiased. Why do you wish to possess a franchise business? If it’s to obtain abundant or to earn on easy street and not need to function, after that franchising will probably not satisfy your assumptions. If you are like many people that have the dream of owning your very own business (however not being on your own), being your own boss and also having control of your life, after that franchising could be for you.

Invest your staminas right into the ideal kind of franchise. Do not explore every franchise business possibility.

3. Study: Put together a listing of the franchises that intrigue you. Undergo their internet sites as well as established meetings with the franchise manager/director.

4. Disclosure File: Research the franchise business disclosure record or prospectus. Right here you would like to see solid economic past history, experienced individuals in essential positions, and also a company that has been in business for 3 years or more, the longer the better, has a number of outlets as well as has few closed or bought back.

Franchise business Arrangement: Closely examine the franchise agreement. Franchise agreements are constantly biased in favor of the franchiser, that’s only just the method it is. The business could be unreasonable in it’s dealings with you as well as the franchise business agreement might allow this, on the various other hand you need to desire a sturdy franchiser.

6. Referrals: Call as numerous franchisees as feasible. Call a minimum of 10. Learn just how they are doing. The essential question is “Would certainly you get this franchise once more?”.

7. Visits: Browse through directly as many running devices as feasible. A minimum of 3. Commonly the owner or supervisor will be a lot more forthcoming personally compared to over the phone.

8. Verify Financial Info: If every little thing still looks excellent, then call the sales representative as well as get as much clear-cut sales information as possible. Many franchisers will certainly not make revenues claims however they will certainly provide info with which you could extrapolate gross sales.

9. Advisers: If every little thing still looks excellent then go for it. If you are uncertain, speak with certified experts.


Much less compared to 5 % of franchises fall short. The adhering to are the primary reasons franchises fall short:.

1. The Concept. Whether you are franchising your very own company or buying into a franchise system, how the idea is received by the community is crucial. While cheeseburgers appear to have universal allure, not all food cycle meet bulk approval. If your business version is complicated you are in for a battle. You would like to create an operational criterion that can be taught to and also reproduced by any type of businessperson. A firm might succeed when run by the business owner that thought up the idea, nevertheless, if the business model or model is not quickly duplicated the chances for success are not so hopeful.

Bad Location. Even with a well-branded name, if you are off the ruined path, inconveniently located or in an isolated location the chance to be as lucrative as possible lessens.

Chains like McDonald’s and Train have national campaigns, while various other kinds of franchise business could advertise on a regional degree. Some franchise business ideas need a whole lot of research on part of the franchisee. Depending on the business you decided on, you may have to get your very own customers, as in technical and also computer assistance franchises.

There are roughly 160,000 franchise business in operation in the United States. If your market already is saturated with an idea you might really want to take into consideration something that still is preferred however not yet touched out. Clinical health clubs and dining establishments supplying healthy options are obtaining ground among the public yet there is bountiful area on the company proprietor side.

New franchisees are infamous for having very high assumptions for their businesses. It may take 2-3 years before you see a revenue as well as if you don’t plan for that you might sink just before you have a chance to swim.

A word to the smart: If you don’t such as folks you need to not acquire a franchise business. As a company proprietor you require to be able to interact well with folks from all walks of life.

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